Our portfolio

Active investments

No-code mobile game
development engine
Esports data platform
Games-as-a-service PC-first studio
independent games developer and publisher
Group video chat and social networking for mobile games
Narrative-based games platform for writers and players
Mobile studio targeting the casual ‘non-gamer’ audience
Building the next OS for distributed cloud compute and gaming
Visionary studio building SEED, a persistent MMO title
Developer and publisher of experimental games on creator platforms, starting with Unreal for Fortnite (UEFN)
Developer of CORE, a high quality and accessible UGC gaming platform and community
Making an FPS game that puts streamers first
Creating a gamified UGC video platform supported by crypto
Publisher licensing or acquiring under-valued gaming IP to take it to the next level
New studio focused on creating meaningful game experiences through player-driven economies
Mobile platform for listening to and making music
Fusing lifestyle content with games on mobile
Building an online tabletop RPG platform
The financial platform for the mobile app economy
F2P mobile gaming studio building relaxing hobby games
Forging alternate virtual worlds that deepen players’ lives
Game development studio producing eSports Boxing Club 'ESBC'
Building an AI driven platform for users to create and play narrative role playing adventures with friends
Building the most authentic, entertaining and immersive horse racing virtual universe, utilizing web3
A mobile social gaming company building action games
Creating GaaS cooperative games that serve as social hangouts for friends
PC-first F2P studio building a new game genre, MOCO

Exited portfolio

Applifier was acquired by Unity Games in 2014
Boomlagoon was acquired by Wargaming in 2016
Gumbug was acquired by Voodoo in 2019
Futureplay was acquired by Plarium Games in 2021
Natural Motion was acquired by Zynga in 2014
Omnidrone was acquired by Scopley in 2018
Peak was acquired by Zynga in 2017
Playfish was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2009
Playraven was acquired by Rovio in 2018
Plexchat was acquired by Warner Bros in 2018
Radiant was acquired by Riot games in 2016
Sensible Object was acquired by Niantic Labs in 2019
Supercell was first acquired by Softbank in 2013, and later acquired by Tencent in 2016
Unity went Public in September 2020
No-code mobile game
development engine
Video analytics platform
Mobile studio building games combining match design and social casino
Leading influencer marketing platform for games