Welcome to LVP, Sikander!

LVP has always strived to partner with the most exciting and genre defining gaming companies globally. Our deep focus and specialisation in gaming has allowed us to operate in the same ecosystem and on the same wavelength as the companies we invest in. We look for companies that are highly ambitious, tenacious and have an inspiring vision for world domination. Our portfolio companies are based all across Europe and North America and our commitment to provide a real, collaborative partnership inherently brings an international multiplayer mindset. We don’t just expect it from our investments, but also instil this culture within LVP. Although gaming is deep within our DNA, we are always trying to learn and push ourselves to explore new and different perspectives. To add to our depth and reach we have grown our presence in the biggest gaming market in Europe, Germany. Welcome Sikander Chahal, who joins alongside Are Mack Growen in Berlin.

Sikander has been a lifelong gamer and grew up on PC, Nintendo and PS games. With a zeal for competition, he has been an avid online gamer ever since he got his hands on a 56k modem. He worked his way up from Unreal Tournament, to Counterstrike and now mostly Dota where he is ranked in the top 2% of players in the world.

He joins the LVP team after two years at BIT Capital, a public equities investment fund based in Berlin specialising in internet companies where he covered gaming, amongst other sectors. He sourced new opportunities, conducted company diligence and investment analysis, and helped launch and manage a new fund with a tech startup entrepreneur. He has already built a strong network in the gaming community and through his efforts we met him before his move to Berlin. Prior, he spent three years at DC Advisory, a cross-border investment bank in mid-market M&A where he was in the business services sector team assisting in corporate finance advisory on transactions. He did his undergraduate in Mathematical Economics & Statistics at Birmingham University and completed a Master’s in Management at the Imperial College London Business School. 

If he’s not at home gaming, you’ll most likely find him out at a bar or a techno club in Berlin. Otherwise you will see him at gaming events or you can get in touch with him directly, he’d love to hear from you.