Where we've come from

We’ve done our 2-founders-in-a-garage start-up. We’ve helped companies transition from back-of-an-envelope vision to multi-billion-dollar powerhouse. It isn’t a mystery to us, and our passion is to help you strategically, financially and operationally.

Success never comes easy, but we’ll make sure the path is clear. We’ve been privileged to be among the earliest investors in Supercell, Unity, Playfish, Futureplay, NaturalMotion, and a host of other amazing games companies that have created over $30 billion in value.

We’ll have ideas that we’d love to share with you, pitfalls we’ll gladly warn of, and will show you challenges we’ve overcome the hard way (and the better routes now obvious in hindsight).

KPIs are good.
KPIs + intuition is great.

There is no too early

but there is too late.

We love early. We make our first investments at angel, pre-seed and seed stage. Our definition of investing early is investing in the first ever funding round in a company.

We know gaming.


Investing in games since


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