Lvp is the bridge between financial capital and the games industry.

We get games.

As individuals, we’ve worked at some of the biggest names in the games industry.

As angels, we’ve been investing and partnering with gaming startups since 2001.

As a fund, we’ve been doing it for over a decade.

We’ve done our 2-founders-in-a-garage start-up. We’ve helped companies transition from back-of-an-envelope vision to multi-billion-dollar powerhouse. It isn’t a mystery to us, and our passion is to help you strategically, financially and operationally.

We speak the same language, share the same references, and understand the same challenges – bringing real experience and deep understanding.

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KPIs are good.
KPIs + intuition is great.

We leverage our network, reputation and far reaching connections in the gaming industry to support the best gaming companies across all stages. Our investments have created over $30 billion of equity value for the gaming industry.

We know gaming.


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