Games-as-a-service PC-first studio

Steffen Kabbelgaard Grønning

Co-Founder & CEO

Kenneth Harder

Co-Founder & CTO


Copenhagen, Denmark

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BetaDwarf started with 9 people squatting in a University classroom then living together for 3 years. Through hard work, 2 successful kickstarters and private bank loans, they managed to organically build 3 games with more than 1.5m owners on PC/Console.

BetaDwarf is now striving to champion GaaS on PC and Console. Their current title, Minion Masters, has reached top mobile-like ARPU on PC and has successfully launched on the Discord Store and Xbox One. Their next game is focussed on a new genre that utilizes the most socially engaging mechanics from MMOs and MOBAs to build intimate friendships between players via data driven bonding.