A game studio focused on building deep, uncompromisingly multiplayer games

T Carl Kwoh

Co-Founder & CEO

M Yichao

Co-Founder & CCO

J Aaron Farr

Co-Founder & CTO


Los Angeles, US

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Founded by J Aaron Farr, M Yichao, and T Carl Kwoh in 2023, Jam & Tea Studios is a seed-funded, remote first game studio focused on building deep, uncompromisingly multiplayer games.

Their flagship game is codenamed Project Emily: a session-based, multiplayer PVE RPG set in a brand new IP that takes players on a journey to worlds both new and familiar, where they are free to explore and push the boundaries of what is possible, and where their actions directly change the course of the story.

Through leveraging Gen AI at runtime into the core of their game architecture, they’re unlocking new kinds of gameplay and immersion that were previously impossible, especially in a multiplayer setting.

Jam & Tea Studios are deeply inspired by their experiences playing collaborative games, and in particular the discovery of unforgettable moments shared with friends and strangers alike.

It is those moments that have us wanting to play again and again.