Scalable cloud delivery of games and interactive experiences using command streaming

Bruce Grove

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Billyard

Co-Founder & CTO


Guildford, UK

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With billions of viewing hours on YouTube and in esports, streamed video content is available on an unprecedented scale. But why just watch when you can play?

Polystream was founded in 2015 by CEO Bruce Grove and CTO Adam Billyard, two industry pioneers with 50 years of combined experience and a long-held vision – scalable streaming of video games and 3D applications via the cloud at low cost and global reach. Polystream is committed to becoming the #1 global streaming platform for the future – scalable delivery of games and 3D applications via any cloud – instantly. Their first product applying this technology, the Fantom SDK, allows for exciting new ways for developers to give spectators presence and agency from within a game.