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At LVP, we are on a mission to invest early into ambitious and capable operators within the games space. Indeed, what sets LVP apart is not only our laser focus on the games industry but our commitment to providing a true partnership, not just investment; we bring our collective experience, network and domain expertise to help businesses grow and support them on the path to scale. We’ve championed founders with nothing more than an idea, and journeyed with companies all the way up to their billion-dollar-plus acquisition. We commit to people who can challenge the status quo: minds that combine a passion for games with strategic vision. This has paid (literal) dividends in the past, and it is something that we not only look for in investments, but within our firm.

As LVP grows, we want to institutionalise this thinking – nurturing a culture of curiosity, deep analysis and a relish for all things gaming – and nothing instils that more than the company you keep.

Enter Harry. Harry joins us following two years in tech and media venture capital at Oxford Capital. He was focussed on investing into early-stage digital tech businesses at first, and then across all media finance (film, TV and games). He’s already made friends within the games industry – indeed, that is how we first met him. During his time at Oxford Capital, he provided due diligence, investment proposals and financial modelling for over 250 startups. Previous to that, he had stints at the IFS, an economic think tank, and at the Ministry of Defence’s think tank. He caught the startup bug early, helping launch an entrepreneurial society whilst at Oxford on his way to obtaining the top First in History and Economics. He grew up on a steady diet of PS2 and PC games, and was present for the great Falador massacre in Runescape.


Welcome to the LVP clan, Harry! I’m sure that you will see him around at events and in the games ecosystem. If not, do reach out to him as he’d love to hear from you.