Forging alternate virtual worlds that deepen players’ lives

Anthony Leung

Co-Founder & CEO

Aidan Karabaich

Co-Founder & Game Director


Los Angeles, US

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Singularity 6 was founded by former Riot Games leads Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung to pursue a vision to create genre-defining online titles that invite players to join compelling virtual worlds built around robust online communities with gameplay that drives unique social experiences.

The company’s first game, Palia, is an ambitious combination of community simulation, compelling game design and beautiful spaces, which is now open for pre-alpha testing. Singularity 6 is based in Los Angeles. The company is founded on the principle of intelligent game design and player-first value system, utilizing technology to build online worlds where people not only find entertainment, but also a place where they can feel like they are valued and belong.